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  Benefits of Citizenship:

Right to Vote: This privilege is only available to U.S. Citizens, and while LPR’s are required to pay taxes and are permitted to reside in the U.S., they can not participate in the government by electing those who create laws.

Sponsoring Family Members: Citizens are provided the opportunity to petition on behalf of family members and receive preferential expedition effectively reducing or eliminating the substantial immigration backlogs faced by non-U.S. Citizens and their families.

Rights Extend to Minor Children: A parents of LPR children who naturalize can automatically qualify their minor children (under 18) in many cases.

Protection Against Deportation: Non- U.S. Citizens convicted of criminal activity may be deported from the United States. Permanent Residents remain subject to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration and the Immigration Courts. There are numerous cases of families being separated this reality.

Travel Freedoms & Protections: Many Permanent Residents delay gaining U.S. Citizenship because they can work and travel freely from the U.S. However, a Permanent Resident can lose their green card by extended travel outside the U.S., as well as having to deal with the cumbersome and confusing immigration laws as they apply to them.

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